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  • Best volunteer abroad programmes in 2022

    Volunteering is a potent way to broaden your perspective on the world, learn new things, build stronger communities, and develop empathy and understanding. Therefore, by…
  • Best places to volunteer abroad

    One of the best ways to experience a new culture and make a difference is to volunteer abroad. You’ll get the opportunity to interact with…
  • Best Countries to Start a Business Abroad

    In order to successfully run a business, whether, at home or abroad, certain conditions and factors have to be put in place. After all, you…


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  • Greener pasture
    You’re welcome. This should be helpful.
  • Greener pasture
    Hello, good evening. I have HND in Office Technology and Management with 2.97 CGPA and i wish to further my studies abroad MBA or MSC in Human Resource Management and…
  • Greener pasture
    I appreciate you taking out your time to reply to me. I would love further part-time studies with work. Is it feasible???. Definitely abroad.


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  • volunteer abroad5

    The mature adult female volunteer gives the young boy a high five for volunteering to clean up the community park.
  • volunteer abroad3

    Cheerful mixed race man looking away while collecting trash with friends outdoor
  • volunteer abroad2

    Young hispanic volunteer man with arms crossed wearing medical mask at the city.