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  • The UK Child Student Visa

    So many adults fantasize about going to the UK on the basis of furthering their education so much that we hardly hear of children and…
  • Student Visa: Complete Guide – Canada (Part 4)

    Canada is frequently rated as one of the greatest countries in the world, and it is now the best country in terms of quality of…
  • Student Visa: Complete Guide – UK (Part 3)

    Why Study in the UK? UK universities have a solid global reputation and are among the greatest in the world – four of the top 10…


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  • Applying to study Biotechnology in Germany
    Are you aware of the student visa application process to study in Germany? This is important to know as it is the next step after securing an admission to a…
  • Proof of Financial Funds for Studying in Germany
    For those preparing to study in Germany, this is an important post for you to check out.As you know, studying in Germany is mostly tuition-free, so the finance for tuition…
  • How to prepare to study in Germany from Nigerian
    Blocked account amount for Germany is currently €10,500. You can read this article to learn more about student visa requirements for Germany, including blocked account details:


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