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  • The UAE Golden Visa

    The United Arab Emirates, UAE is set to launch Long-term visas for interested applicants. Come October 3, 2022, the UAE will open the application portals…
  • UK Scale-up Visa: A Complete Guide

    It’s no news that the application for each category of visa usually comes with its own share of conditions, requirements, permissible acts, benefits and so…
  • Caregiver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in UK 

    The demand for caregivers has increased in the United Kingdom, thereby making the country welcoming to many international caregivers. So, if you are looking for…


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  • Proof of Financial Funds for Studying in Germany
    @aforodoma you should check this Gist to learn about proof of financial funds for a student/work visa in Germany.Note that the monthly amount has been increased to €934 starting January…
  • UAE Needs Healthcare Attendants
    kindly go through the “working abroad” category. There are quite a number of job vacancies with visa sponsorship.
  • Applying to study Biotechnology in Germany
    Are you aware of the student visa application process to study in Germany? This is important to know as it is the next step after securing an admission to a…


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  • Deborah Etim posted an update

    Good news for those targeting the USA!!!The new US visa lottery is called “Diversity visa program” and it is free…
  • @Wohks Hello Mike, The German job seeker visa tread would be highly appreciated.