Setlinn is not just an information bank. We offer a social community linking people from all over the world to share experiences and compare information, producing one true source of information birthed from personal interactions. We don’t stop at information; we are concerned about every step of your migration journey. Even when you have gotten to where you want to be, Setlinn will still be relevant to you.

Setlinn features information about all things migration. In its different sections, there are many groups, articles, and blogs relevant to travel. Proper utilization of the site is key to the user experience.
You can find a description of the site's features here.

Absolutely! It is one of the many benefits that our community provides. Here, information is fact-checked by our users for our users. In addition to this, one can rely on real-life experiences rather than prospects.

The information found on Setlinn is tailored for all people in different parts of the world.

No, Setlinn is not an agency. It is a social platform where you can make meaningful connections and find information about all things migration. However, you can find and connect with travel agencies on Setlinn.